Illegal Products Laboratory – Spanish OMCL (AEMPS-C) Activity Overview 2010-2022

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Autors: Chong Cheung, J.C.; Mendoza Barrios, M.; Moreno Márquez, L.; Dorronsoro Díaz, M.I. Combating Falsified and Other Illegal Medicines 4th Symposium for OMCLs: New Trends, New Frontiers by EDQM & ISS. Roma, 11-13 May 2022 Abstract The illegal products laboratory was created in 2010 due to the increasing awareness of the risks involving medicines out of the legal market or adulterated food supplements. Suspected anabolic, erectile dysfunction and weight loss products comprise the majority of the products received in the laboratory. Inspectorate bodies, police forces, customs or market surveillance campaigns are the main origin of these samples. Employing mass spectrometry techniques (UPLC-QToF) for identification and elucidation, more than 12000 samples have been analyzed and reported since its inception, being slightly over 80% of them positive in some sort of active substance. The laboratory activities not only involve analyzing samples but also range from advising and giving support to inspectorate bodies, educating police forces, expert testimony in trials, and elucidation of new psychoactive compounds to collaborating in the European network of OMCLs.

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