Supply shortages of medicinal products

List of medicinal products that are currently in supply shortage.

The initial order criteria of this list is chronological, in relation to the expected starting date for the problem. To facilitate searches the name of the medicine can be typed in the field "Medicinal product" and click on “search”. The order in which the data are listed can be changed too using the arrows in the head of each column so that the medicines can be order according the criteria established in each head.

Available information

A supply shortage is a situation in which the available units of a medicinal product in the pharmaceutical chain are lower than the national or local consumption needs. They are usually due to manufacture or distribution problems with a medicinal product.

These situations are notified to the AEMPS, either by the health authorities of the autonomous regions as soon as they detect them, or by the marketing authorisation holders of the medicinal products, who are obliged to notify to AEMPS any unusual restriction of the supply of their medicinal products.

To facilitate the follow up of these problems and due to the variability of this information, the list of medicinal products that are currently in shortage of supply is updated permanently. This list does not contain short events when a rapid solution is expected and so no healthcare impact is expected.

In this list, the information is detailed for each presentation of the affected medicinal products (each format in which the medicinal products are marketed).

For each one its national code, name of the presentation and marketing authorisation holder is included. It also contains the expected starting date for the problem, and the end date when it is known. In the last column of the list some brief additional information, that can be of interest, is shown, for example if it has been authorized the supply of a non-registered medicinal product due to the absence of therapeutic alternatives in the national market or if an informative note has been published at AEMPS website. In addition, the available link in this last column can be clicked on to access to the published informative note, when there is one, or to the webpage about medicines in special situations.

Clicking on the name of the medicinal product or on the national code, the application redirects to the information of the medicinal product available in the AEMPS Medicines Online Information Center (CIMA) where the Summary of Product Characteristics can be consulted as well as the package leaflet of any medicinal product.

In the following link it is possible to consult the list of the medicinal products whose supply was restored during the last three months.

List of the medicinal products whose supply was restored in the last three months.


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