Wholesalers Directory


The wholesalers are a significant link in the pharmaceutical chain to assurance the quality and integrity of medicines supplied.

This directory includes basic information of authorized wholesalers according to the current Spanish legislation:

  • Ley 29/2006, de 26 de julio, de garantías y uso racional de los medicamentos y productos sanitarios.
  • Real Decreto 782/2013, de 11 de octubre, sobre distribución de medicamentos de uso humano.

The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices publishes the wholesalers’ directory due to the great interest of this information for all the parts concerned in the pharmaceutical distribution chain: it allows the verification of authorized entities and reinforces the integrity of the medicines distribution channel. This information is permanently updated.

It is noteworthy that this publication would not be possible without the collaboration of all the Autonomous regions that provide the updated information of their authorized wholesalers.

What is the information available?

Name of the authorization holder, address, contact details and authorized operations of the wholesalers in Spain:

  • Wholesalers, authorized by the Autonomous regions.
  • Customs warehouses, authorized by this Agency.

The first publication of the directory was in 2008. In 2014 it has been updated according to the new distribution rules. In this new version there have been included new fields. The information of these new fields is not available yet for some wholesalers, since its authorizations are been adapted to the new European format for wholesale distribution.

How are the searches carried out?

The application offers two fields for searching the wholesalers: name of the wholesaler and the Autonomous region in which is located.

Once all the searching data are introduced in each field, press the button “search” and it will appear a list, in alphabetical order, of the wholesalers which meet the searching criteria.

To obtain more information of any wholesaler distributor which appear in the list, press in the name of the Company (in blue color) and for making a new search press the button “ return to search”.


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